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Houston Tennis Academy is committed to providing courses that not only fit every skill level and background, but also infuse our supportive and innovative teaching approach. Check out our current course offerings below.Please note: Club Westside Membership is REQUIRED. The average family membership amounts to 200$ per month.


QuickStart Tennis is a new tennis format designed to introduce kids ages 5-10 to the game of tennis. To make it easier for the youngsters, several aspects of the game are modified. QuickStart Tennis is played on a 36' or 60' tennis court while using shorter racquets and low compression balls. This setting is simpler and allows kids to have fun and progress more easily.  The format makes the game more accessible for everyone! 

Ages: 5-10 years old

Practice hours:     Mon, Wed          4-5pm  

                               Sat                      9-10am 

                               Courts 18-22

Pricing:                  $155 - Two days per week billed monthly

                               $180 - Three days per week billed monthly

                               $100 - Saturdays only billed monthly

To register please email: -or-

Club Westside membership required


The Challenger program is designed for students participating at Level 6/7 USTA tournaments. Practices include overall tennis-specific skills, fun and games. We work on establishing the proper technical foundation. Students are introduced to simple strategy, tactics and patterns of play. Players take their first steps into conditioning while transitioning from overall motor skills development into tennis-specific speed and agility training.

Practice hours:   Mon, Fri     5-630pm                                      

                             Courts 18-23

Pricing:               225$ per month  billed monthly

To register please email:

Club Westside mebership required


Players must qualify to participate. The program design aims to meet the needs of junior competitors with at least four-year experience in the USTA tournament system. The typical player in this group possesses sound technical and physical foundations. The focus narrows to understanding the phases of the game, optimal court positioning, and intelligent shot selection. The program emphasizes strategy understanding and improving the players' mental performance. We try to achieve improvements by addressing small details, as this is the stage where a player transforms from a “ball striker” to a “tennis player.”

                             Tue, Wed, Thu 430-630pm.  

Pricing:                450$per month   billed monthly

To register please email:

Club Westside membership required

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