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Federer the " Sprezzatura"

Last week saw the announcement of yet another great that Father Time has drawn his number. After Serena, Roger delivered the sad news to the legions of tennis fans around the world. The tennis fan in me is mourning! The effortless, graceful movement and ball striking will probably be impossible to witness again in my lifetime. I am a die hard Novak fan, but looking forward, I have to admit that I will miss Roger Federer. This brief post is both dedicated to, and inspired by, him!

I used to be a Roger fan. Then Novak came and my Slavic roots spoke loudly. The coach in me solidified the conviction that my allegiance shift towards Novak is the right move. After all, I share the compete belief that the two handed backhand is superior to the one handed one. But Roger's big "sin"? The way he made it look!!! I couldn't use him as an example:) It did look way too easy......

I do subscribe to Sahil Bloom's "The Curiosity Chronicle" newsletter. Please enjoy his interpretation of the "effort paradox" in this short thread on Twitter! I wish Roger best of luck in the next chapter of his life!


Coach Koko

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